From gtx 260 to radeon 5770

Thinking about sidsteppung from nvidia back to radeon. Main reason why is because I don't appreciate having to downgrade the drivers so I can get a game to work but at the same time decreasing performance on other programs. I am kinda on a budget for now, thus why I'm thinking about getting the 5770.

Wondering how the 5770 is with the latest drivers.

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    Upgrading from the GTX 260 to the HD 5770 is not worth it. Look at the benchmarks...

    It wins some, it lose some, and it ties some...
  2. You won't feel a performance boost if you buy RADEON 5770.
    I suggest you go for 5850.
    If you don't have the money for that,
    I suggest you wait sometime.
    Make sure your motherboard supports CrossFire and buy two radeon 5770.
    for $320

    It will give you performance close to or on-par with 5870.

    Think before wasting your money on single 5770.
    Go for CrossFire 5770.
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