ASUS M4N98TD compatable memory

First time builder here, and I'm trying to figure out which ram to pair with my new mobo, an ASUS M4N98TD (and AMD Phenom II X4 945).

I'm thinking about A-DATA Gaming Series 4GB DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 Model AX3U1600GB2G9-2G (for $88 from newegg). I'd like to get a combo deal with my ram so that I get the best deal possible, so I'm wondering if there is something out there with better price/quality.

I'm really hindered by the ASUS website being glitchy, and I cannot access their QVL memory list for this board.

I plan on using this system primarily for gaming, so I'd like to get something nice, but not extravagant.

I haven't ordered any components for my build yet, all I have is an XFX GTS 250 gpu, so I went with this board so that I can SLI in the future, and this amd cpu seemed like the best value for my 800ish budget.

Thanks, any feedback is really helpful!
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    This G.Skill modules look good and have a good price.
  2. A 1.5v RAM should work fine with a Phenom II CPU.
    Also 1333 VS 1600MHz won't make much of a difference in performance.
    Both are good though, you can't go wrong with either.
  3. There maybe users having problems with it, but i have seen Phenom II X2 systems with a 1.65v or lower voltage RAM which have worked fine.
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