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Well I have now finished my new PC build and have ran two PRIME95 tests to check stability. I am also using REALTEMP software to check the CPU temperature(s). Question is, what sort of temperatures should I be getting to ensure my system is stable? My current temperatures when I run PRIME95 for an hour or more go to a maximum of around 47C. Is this a good temperature or is it too high. The temperature with nothing running on the computer vary's between 24C and 32C on the different cores. Do these figures sound ok are they too high. My CPU is a Intel I5 750 with an aftermarket Heatsink.
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  1. 47C is pretty cool. It's hard to judge temps, as many factors can make a difference (ambient temperature being the largest).

    It also helps to know if it's overclocked and what HSF you're using.
  2. It's not overclocked,. The heatsink fan is the Coolermaster Hyper 212 plus
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