Hardrive Disc read error?

Im trying to install windows xp professional on a Hm160hi Harddrive. I have the windows disc and a "ultimate Boot disc"
Im trying to install the hard drive on a Lenovo T61 Thinkpad. Do i have to install the drivers or something before it will "see" the harddrive? Thanks guys a ton! :)
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  1. Did you physically install the the hard drive into the laptop or are you connected to it using a usb device?
  2. physically i tend to stay away from usb hds
  3. Are you able to see it inside the BIOS?>
  4. im able to see it in parted magic (linux tool) so its seeing it just for some reason when i try to install windows it doesnt... weird
  5. Are you using RAID with your hard drives?
  6. Try resetting the bios to the defaults.
  7. Its a single Laptop harddrive so no raid.
    i tried reseeting bios to default still doesnt recognize it in windows setup.
    It recoginizes it everywhere else though... weird
  8. Duh, sorry about the raid question.....laptop, duh. lol
    Do you have any recovery partitions on that hard drive?
  9. its a brand new harddrive samsung
  10. Did you try using Diskpart in the recovery console when booting up with the xp cd?
  11. duhno how to get to the console
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