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Today i upgraded my machine from Intel to AMD and wanted to know if i can still user my previously bought XFX GT8600 512 MB DD3 Graphic card on the below motherboard and processor? any pro's and cons etc on this? Requesting your earliest response :-) PC's configuration: Processor: AMD Athlon II X2 II X2 - 550 BE 3.1 GHz, 7MB, AM3 MOBO: Gigabyte AMD 785G MA785GM-US2H 16x, 8 Ch. S, L, HDMi RAM: 2x2GB 667 Mhz Dynet HDD: 1 TB Seagate Sata SMPS:380/400 w Cooler master Saif
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  1. Woah there! Did you say Cooler Master??? Is it the Extreme Power series? If yes, go change it if you can. It may blow up your PC anyday!
    An 8600GT is a very hot card. But would definitely work with your config.
  2. It will work good with everything.
    I think you will be fine if your PSU is 400W.
    You won't face any problems with 8600GT with 400W PSU.
  3. The 8600GT will work fine. The PSU is fine for now, but cheap cooler masters are not the best. I would recommend getting a better PSU if you spend a good deal of time on that system.
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