Will the hyper 212 + fit in my case

I have an unbranded 6.5 inch wide case
and I am looking for a good aftermarket cooler for my Phenom
So will the hyper 212 fit
and if not can you Please tell me about another cooler
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    The Hyper 212+ is 6.24016 inches tall. If it fit, it would be VERY tight. Check out this alternative, also from Cooler Master:

    Kind of like a 212 turned back 90 degrees.
  2. I agree about the fit, leaning towards it probably won't fit at all. When you factor in the motherboard mounts, motherboard and cpu thickness, it probably won't work out well. The previous posters suggestion is a good on to stay within cost....

    If you can afford it, the following Noctua cooler is one of the most capable low profile coolers for OCing and such, and comes with Noctua NT-H1 thermal paste......the only paste I use no matter which heatsink I install.
  3. Thanks for the fast replies
    so cooler master Geminii it is
  4. Just one more question
    will I notice a big difference from the stock cooler
  5. Yes. It performs much like the 212.
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