EVGA 260 Superclocked vs. Sapphire 5850

Which is better?
What is your reason?
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    5850 is better
    * DirectX11
    *Shader Model 5.0
    *ATI EyeFinity
    *New card (will be great for more than couple of years)
    *Great gaming experience
    *Performs exceptionally upto 1920x1200

    Anything else?
  2. HD5850, it runs cooler, 40nm, better than GTX285, and like mfarrukh said it is a DX11 card so it is future proof, and it doesn't require a big PSU to run it ( a 500-550w PSU will do the job )
  3. +3 5850

    For much better performance, lower power usage, DX11 and Eyefinity among other reasons.
  4. +4 for 5850

    superior performance and all of features already listed out..
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