Cant get into BIOS! Please help!!

Ever since purchasing my Dell Dimention C521, I have never been able to use the keyboard until the login screen.( Never had to, so this was not a problem.) I now want to boot from a cd and change some settings in the BIOS but the keyboard won’t start up until the log in screen appears in windows vista. I have tried different usb keyboards but still get the same results. I do NOT have any ps2 ports :(

If you need my specs here they are,

4gbs of ddr2 ram

Amd athlon 64x2 6000 3.00 GHz

Ultra LSP 650watt PS

EVGA 9800gt 1 GB

Windows Vista home premium 32bit SP 2

DMI Baseboard
vendor Dell Inc
model 0FP406
revision A03

Chipset: nVidia

Like I said, I can’t even use the keyboard at the post screen (it won’t start working until the login screen)
It says in the top right hand corner, “F2 for system setup” and “F12 for boot menu” BUT I CANT EVEN USE THE KEYBOARD UNTILL THE WINDOWS EMBLAM APPEARS!!! (Or login)

I want to boot from windows 7 OS CD PLEASE!!! I NEEEEED HELP!! :cry:
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  1. Get the keyboard fixed?
  2. haha. Ive tryed three different working keyboards. still got the problem.
  3. What kind of PC do you have that doesn't support ps/2 ports?
  4. I have a Dell Dimention C521 with the stock mobo. it does not have any ps2 ports on it. (really wish it did) but it doesnt so im stuck with usb only. any other suggestions?
  5. Do you have the latest Bios, lol if you can upgrade it?
  6. lol I tryed to update the bios but already had the latest update.
  7. hmmm

    Now 1: you can get a pci card with ps/2 ports.

    2: if this thing has old serial ports, try finding serial keyboard.
  8. ok will try that! thank you. any other suggestions? anyone? :)
  9. ^ Drop if off the roof.
  10. my keyboard loads right before the logo sign. I just wait till the num lock light goes on and i frantically press the bios button.
  11. Open the case, unplug the hard drive, restart. This should cause the bios to complain and let you in.
  12. ^ good idea.
  13. mbscomp said:
    Open the case, unplug the hard drive, restart. This should cause the bios to complain and let you in.

    This is great! thanks! when do I plug in the hdd to install windows 7 os??
  14. Once you have the cd set as the first boot device save setiings then shut down.
    Plug in the Hard Drive and you should be good to go.
  15. Hi all. mbscomp, I did what you said but when I unplugged the hd, it automatically booted from the CD and couldn’t change any BIOS settings. Also the keyboard didn’t start working until the CD was finally started.

    I tried to boot with out the OS in the CD drive and was then asked to press f2 for setup or to insert the OS CD and press F1 to continue. Here is the weird part, I can only press one button on my keyboard then it locks up. (Wont do anything, just has the NUM LOCK light on.) If the first button I press is F2 then it will take me to the setup menu but the Keyboard locks up once I am inside. (Set up menu)

    I have tried multiple keyboards and multiple OS systems. I need to change a drive setting on my HD so that I will be able to install windows 7. (Or any OS for that matter)

    All I need to do is get into my BIOS so that I can change the drive setting on my HD and then change the boot order.

    Fetal, Gunna order a PS2 PCI card and see if that works. (I doubt it) I tried using a USB PCI card, but that didn’t work. (It started with the other usbs, which is the problem I am trying to eliminate.)

    Still in need of HELP! I have tried everything I can think of. Anything would be great! (except for dropping it any where, like, off the roof…Fetal… ;)
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