Fresh install on SSD RAID 0???

I want to do this right so here is my question. I am installing a new motherboard. My current set up is 3 OCZ Vertex in RAID 0. I want to do a fresh install of Windows 7 x64 exactly the same on the new motherboard. What do I need to do to the array? Just delete it and re-add? Should I use diskpart and clean each disk first? There are so many ways to go about this I just want the most reliable solution. Please be as detailed as possible and thanks to anyone who can offer assistance.
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  1. Hello mwr1203;

    This isn't exactly a Windows 7 question.
    Did you ask over in the Storage forum?
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  3. You're going to want to wipe each disk before you reinstall; parted magic works well for that. Here's a link to a thread that I opened with some more details.
    I should note that I couldn't get gparted to work but parted magic worked just fine.

    After you wipe the drives they'll be just like they were when you first bought them.
  4. Now once I create the new RAID0 array with the 3 SSD's should I create the partition in diskpart with the offset at 1024 like I have read elsewhere? That is what I ve been doing...
  5. Once you wipe the drives then do whatever you'd normally do to create a RAID0 on the new motherboard and then partition the drive with the Windows 7 installer.

    I don't know what motherboard you're using but if it supports RAID then your manual will tell you how to create a RAID0. That will make Windows 7 see the RAID0 as a single volume and when you go to install Windows 7 you create a new partition on that volume and install.

    I don't know what diskpart is, but a quick google search makes it seem like an old command line utility that you really don't need.
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