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I have a zalman 7700 hsf combo and a q6600 cpu and for some reason 2 cores are sitting at 80c idle and the other 2 are at 74c idle if I try to play a game like BFBC2 for example the instant I see a wall crumble or something that's about 98c and if multiple walls go down within a few seconds my computer just turns off. I've been told I need to take off my HSF and re apply thermal compound which may fix the problem I'd like some more input and is it safe to run my computer when the temps are like this? I know it definitely isn't safe to play video games while they are running like this and the only reason I even know about this is because my computer kept shutting down when I was playing BFBC2 then I downloaded coretemp and there it was so I haven't been playing any. Thanks in advance.
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    You can severl damage your processor running it that hot. Considering the age of the Q6600 putting that extra stress on it could kill it dont use it at all till you fix the problem. Check to make sure the heatsink is making full contact with the CPU take it off, clean dust out, reapply thermal compound, and securly seat it on the CPU.
  2. I'm surprised the processor is letting itself get to 98C before shutting down. I would think that it would shut down sooner than that. But no. Take SAAIELLO's advice. The thermal limit of that CPU is somewhere between 62C and 72C (I'm giving a range because I don't know it off the top of my head and for CPUs, 62C is the lowest limit I have seen and 72 the highest.)
    It's probably still ok. Hopefully it saved itself.
    So clean dust.
    reseat heatsink with new thermal paste. dont forget to clean the old stuff off with isopropyl alcohol and a lint free cloth
    ensure there is airflow in your case.
    boot up and report back your temps and hopefully they will be normal again ;)
  3. well it all depends r u overclocking if you are that's the first step stop over cloclking
  4. You will have to clean the old thermal paste off the CPU & HSF, apply fresh thermal paste then mount the HSF back on, the 7700 isn't the best out there but you shouldn't see those kind of temps and thermally induced shutdowns, it is mounted wrong.
  5. Your heatsink is loose. Clean it, reapply thermal paste, and remount it.

    The Q6600's core temps should be kept under the 70s'C when in full load, and should idle around 40s'C or less.
  6. I turned off my comp and went to buy thermal paste as soon as I read the first post cleaned off the old paste which wasnt even getting on top of 2 of my cores the guy who made my computer was a dumbass and now im down to 40c hopefully that will drop a slight bit during the burn in thanks for all your help guys.
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