RAM ANd Moniter Problems

So today I bought 2gb of Kinston Valueram ddr3 ( I already havee a 2gb stick so bought another identical one.

Whenever i put the new stick in slot Dimm_B1 the moniter does not pick up a signal but the computer runs. (with the orignal in DIMM_A1). So i put the second stick in Dimm_A2. The computer mointer works fine but its only single channel. Should i put both in DIMM A2 and B2?

Does anyone have any idea on what i can do??


Sapphire 5770
Athlon x4 620
Moniter AOC 2236Vw
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  1. check your mobo manual to understand how to put in two RAM modules. there should be a diagram/chart in the manual explaining how to install RAM.
  2. ok thanks. Im looking at the manual now. So i have them in slots A1 and A2. I presume i need them to be in A1 and B1 to be in dual channel. But whenever i put them in A1 and B1 my moniter doesnt recieve a signal?
  3. so i looked at it again and if i put the ram into slots A1 and B1 or A2 and B2 the moniter does not get a signal, however if i put the ram in B1 and B2 or A1 and A2 the moniter gets a signal?
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    If you have the correct placement and you don't get a display, then chances are its a mobo problem. But before you send in for an RMA, check the ASUS website to see if there is a BIOS update. Otherwise, call up ASUS tech support and tell them you can't boot properly when using dual channel.
  5. Just a quick question, there are about 10 updates from the asus website for the bios, if i get the lastest update that will be fine??
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  7. Thank You T_T :) I updated the bios and problem solved. Thanks for your time

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