Gateway LX6810 Restarted while flashing bios update


I recently bought the upgrade for Win7 Ultimate. Shortly after upgrading my PC starting act like it shut down. Only power was still going to the HD and I could hear it. If I pushed the power button nothing would happen and would be forced to hold the power button for a few seconds for it to actually shut down, which it finally would do. I went to gateway's site and saw the BIOS update, downloaded it and prepped for flashing. While the flashing was in process my system shut down! Now when I turn it on all I get is a black screen. I called gateway and they were NO HELP! They say I can't manually reset the bios, is this true? My next option is the buy a new motherboard. Does anyone have any recommendations on one that is a good replacement? I want a good mother board that will still allow for all of the features that came with the system just want to change out the board. Can anyone make any suggestions...I'd even like to keep the processor if possible. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Have you tried clearing the CMOS ?
  2. A failed flash = dead motherboard.
  3. Are you sure ? isn't there any single chance for it work ? maybe with CMOS clearing ?
  4. Maziar said:
    Are you sure ? isn't there any single chance for it work ? maybe with CMOS clearing ?

    Normally -- NO - The BIOS is what reads the CMOS settings and interprets them and if it is corrupted then the system is normally dead (Unless you have a MOBO like most GIGABYTE boards that has a dual bios that will recover itself if the primary BIOS is corrupted the secondary BIOS will automatically reflash it to recover from this type of situation) without a secondary BIOS on the MOBO the only way to recover the board is to replace the BIOS chip (can be done if it is placed in a socket and not directly soldered to the MOBO) but getting a new BIOS chip is usually a PITA and it is easier and sometimes cheaper to just replace the MOBO !
  5. I see,thanks for clarifying
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