Connection always dies when playing world of warcraft(in dalaran)

I have at&t dsl. It is a 6megabit connection.

When I log on to world of warcraft in the city of Dalaran, it'll play for about 10 seconds, then I get disconnected. After I close the game, my connection is dead. I have to restart the computer and reset my modem for it to work again.

This only happens when I'm in Dalaran(very busy city with a lot of other players). When I'm in low population cities I don't get disconnected.

Is this an issue with the game or my internet connection?

I don't have a hardware firewall. Just regular windows software firewall. My connection is dryloop(I don't have a phone number for dsl). Everything else works fine. The connection is fine when playing other games and downloading things.
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  1. Is it just a modem or a modem/router?
  2. scaye said:
    Is it just a modem or a modem/router?

    The issue i'm having is with just a modem.

    I do have another modem that works as modem+router and that one works fine.

    I just updated the modem that's having the issue. I updated the firmware and it's still exhibiting the same problem.
  3. You have two phone lines?

    I just wondered cause you said you have two modems... and DSL or cable would only require one modem in the house.

    You may be getting knocked off if you are trying to use two modems on one phone line.

    Other than that, the only other thing it could be is a faulty modem, I would try to use the modem/ router on the computer that's getting knocked off and see if you can keep a connection.
  4. Hi Scaye,

    I currently only have 1 dsl line in my house. It is a dryloop and doesn't have a phone number attached to it. By two modems I mean I have two physical modems. One is a Siemens speedstream 4100, the other is a Westell F90-6100.

    After a little bit of tinkering the Westell F90-6100 works fine with the game. The Siemens 4100 is the modem that drops connection. I think it may be on it's last leg.

    My only issue now is trying to open ports on the westell modem since it's also a router. Theres no option to open ports on that modem so I'm just stuck i guess.
  5. scaye said:

    Thanks. I tried that exact site with that exact modem model. Unfortunately my model isn't listed on that site. I have the westell f90-6100.

    I have googled my model number and other people are having issues with it too. They also cannot configure their ports with that exact modem.
  6. is that your Internet-Speed wrong? repair your web connection, it will be ok. By the way, do u buy wow gold online, try to visit . i wish that help
  7. This is happening to me also! First time in Dalaran last night and computer stopped about 10 secs in and completely restarted. I have tried again last night and then again this morning when I thought there would be less traffic in that city.

    The error message from windows is that it has something to do with my bios possibly - not my connection. Any suggestions? My toon is trapped there if I can't get it figured out!
  8. Okay so the issue doesn't happen if I use my other modem. The other modem is a dsl modem+router.

    It only happens when I use my standard modem. I posted the question on the WoW tech support board and they say some modems require a firmware update or else all the connections will flood the modem causing the connection to die.
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