Best graphics card for $350

Just got advise on CPU and buying i7 920

I have $350 for video card

Which one to go for
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  1. You can probably get a 5850 for that money

    But honestly,
    I strongly recommend you to go for 5770 CrossFire

    Two will cost you $340 and will perform close to or on-par with $400 5870
  2. Are two cards worth my money?
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    Offcourse the are
    Like I said they will perform on-par with $400 5870 and in some games out perform it.
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  5. I would go for the HD5850 instead. It OCs to a similar performance while using less power and wouldn't have any crossfire scaling/compatibility issues. It's also a bit cheaper and will leave a slot open for future crossfire(assuming you have a crossfire motherboard.) Also the limited memory subsystem of the HD5770 comes into play more when crossfired which can hurt minimum framerates.
    Those are the two options you should consider in that price range however. This would be a good article to read before deciding;
  6. i reckon, buy a 5850 rather than starting with crossfire,, only in the future when you think that you need extra performace, buy another 5850.
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