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hey guys im interested in overclocking..i never did it before. here is my specs i have a biostar ta 970xe ,Team Xtreem Dark Series 8GB SDRAM DDR3 1600 ,700 watt power supply and a fx8120...i tried going on youtube to find out how to overclock it with briostars bios and the only one that comes up comes in spanish which i have no idea what the guy is saying can anyone help me i wanna just overclock it to 4.0 ghz...oh yeah and then they have the old biostar bios which is totally diferent ..plz help!!! oh yeah i got the hyper 212 evo with push pull config
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  1. This isn't for FX chips but the process is almost identical:

    The max safe temp for your chip is 61C

    Keep your Vcore below 1.5v. (You will probably be limited by heat before you get to the point where you need 1.5v)

    There is one feature called "APM" that will throttle your CPU to a lower speed after it has operated under load for a bit. Old BIOS versions don't even show the feature but some of the newer boards and BIOS versions show the feature and allow you to disable it.

    Take some time to read the sticky and take small steps.

    The general idea is to keep voltage and temps as low as possible while keeping your CPU stable.
  2. i found out how to put my computer to 4.0 ghz and i ran prime 95 for 22 mins which i read was recomended to run an after that i went an logged into wow was playing for about 30 mins an then i got a blue screen with writing and it restarted itself so i lowered it to 3.8 which its at right now..did i forget to do something?all i did was change the 3.1 ghz to 4.0ghz didnt touch anything else
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    That means you need more voltage.
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