Motherboard for 920 and 5770 crossfire

I just decided to get new PC
i7 920
5770 CrossFire

Now i need advise on new mother board
I have $300 for the motherboard
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  1. Me again :-)

    Well, for motherboard

    I strongly, strongly recommend you to go for this one

    It has got good ratings and is good for overclocking as you said in your earlier post

  2. You are quite helping me
    Thanks for it

    Are you sure of this?
  3. Best answer
    I am confident
    I build a computer using this motherboard and 920 for my cuisine

    He is more than happy with it and is running 920 at 4GHz with two 5850 HD in crossfire


    read some reviews about it on that page and you will get the idea
  4. Thanks
    the review look positive enogh
    Thanks again
    Ordered it online just few seconds ago

    Thanks again
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