Strange Problem With MX510

I'm not quite sure where to put this but I'm in need of help.

I've been using a MX510 for about six years now and it has never once failed me in any way; however, over the last month or so, some really strange problem has occurred.

When I'm gaming, whether it be UT2004, CoD4, CoDWaW or any other fps-- whenever I am aiming at any enemy, and i click to shoot, my gun will not fire. For any single shot weapon, nothing will happen when I click-- for any auto-fire weapons, only one bullet will come out or sometimes, no bullets at all. This is strange because if I am firing at nothing or a team mate, everything works properly. It's extremely annoying because this completely ruins gaming for me.

It cannot be the mouse itself because it works properly outside of gaming and in any game that is not an fps.

If anyone has ever heard of something like this and/or may know what to do-- please help, lol. I seem to have the weirdest **** happen to me. Just a few months ago, I realized that my keyboard (saitek gamer's keyboard) was keeping planetside from loading properly. Because of this, I had to unplug my keyboard every time I wanted to launch planetside. By far, the most retarded glitch I have ever encountered. But again, if anyone may know what to do about my mouse issue, your help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Have you tried a normal mouse then? Otherwise check the control settigns of the game. Not sure what OS you have but Logitech does have drivers for this, here's Vista's.,en?section=downloads&bit=&osid=13
  2. What do you mean by a normal mouse?

    I'm on w7 so I'll get those drivers I suppose. It's strange that this all is happening now though-- I don't think it's the drivers.
  3. Delete the drivers if you've installed them
  4. i have not installed them.
  5. i uploaded a video of myself shooting at someone with mini-- but nothing happening.
    my fps is horrible in this video because recording with xfire is absolutely horrendous and eats your fps like cake.

    as you can see, while aiming at someone and holding down my fire button with mini, NOTHING HAPPENS. as i aimed away to the left and right, you can see the gun begin to fire-- which makes it extremely hard to believe that the mouse is the problem; however, i will try a different mouse. when i aimed back at the guy, the gun fired a little bit.... stopped... and then fired a bit more.. and then stopped again. it's not packet loss and it's not fps loss.

    also, when using single shot like shock and lg, it's almost like i have 1000 ping. sometimes, i'll click and the gun will work properly. sometimes, i'll click and nothing will happen at all. other times, i will click and it takes 4 seconds for the gun to shoot. this is only while aiming at somebody. if im aiming at a wall, the gun will shoot.
  6. Tell us your PC's specs, a mouse really shouldn't respond like that.
  7. Processor:
    AMD Athlon(tm) 64 FX-55 Processor, MMX, 3DNow, ~2.6GHz
    2048MB RAM
    Hard Drive:
    160 GB
    Video Card:
    NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT Superclock
    MAG FP2226AFW LCD Display
    Sound Card:
    NVIDIA(R) nForce(TM) Audio

    im running windows 7.

    i find it hard to believe that it's anything wrong with my pc because i dont really play any fps games that require a more modern rig. cod5 is pretty much the peak of what i play. i get a consistent 40 fps in it. 40 fps isn't a lot but i've adjusted to it and do well.
    in ut2004 i get 200+ uncapped fps and in cod4, i get 90-125
  8. How good are you with reinstalling games? When I meant a normal mouse I meant a mouse that doesn't need special drivers and use Microsoft's own, like my Logitech ball mouse.
  9. my mx510 does not need any special drivers. it uses microsoft's own as well.

    and I'm not quite sure about what you mean by your question. anyone is perfectly capable of reinstalling games. i've done it countless times?
  10. Oh, then go to Logitech and download those drivers as they should be optimized for your model.
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