Whats bottlenecking my system?

Hey guys, I have a pretty important question for you- I have a Phenom II 940, GTX 260, 4GB of DDR2 800 RAM and an M3A78 motherboard, and my performance in World in Conflict is 28 FPS on all high w/ and w/o AA- in Crysis it is 21 on Very high, and I think it is too low. The latest article about the CPUs shows performance that vastly exceeds mine- so I ask, what exactly is my bottleneck?

Resolution in world in Conflict: 1920x1440, Crysis: 1600x1200
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  1. This may not be your whole bottleneck, but you'd likely get better performance with DDR3 RAM.
  2. yeah maybe some faster ram but how about that motherboard? is it PCIe 8X or 16X
    and how about your drivers? did you update all your Nvidia drivers?

    plus Crysis on very high @ 21FPS with one GTX260 isnt bad.
  3. The motherboard is PCIe x16.
  4. Test run your games at lower resolution and settings. That will take load off of the vga card.

    If the FPS increases, you can conclude that your cpu is strong enough, and a stronger vga configuration will help.
    If the fps does not change much, then your cpu is not strong enough to drive the vga card fast enough.

    Conversely, keep the settings and resolution high, and limit your cpu. In windows set the maximum cpu utilization to 70% or some such number and observe your results.

    If your FPS drops accordingly, it is a clue that it is your cpu that is limiting you.

    Let us know the results.
  5. Thank you! Sorry for the delay- but I'll try that. I'll let you guys know what it does!
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