Upgrading Graphics card minimal cost

I am looking to upgrade from an ATi x1650.
I can afford approx £35.
What cards for that price would be a good improvement?
£35.25 vat Inno3D 9400GT 512MB DDR2 DVI VGA TV Out PCI-E Graphics Card ???????

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  1. Go for RADEON 4650
    It will play almost every game at max. settings at 1280x1024
    9400 GT isn't a good card in front of 4650.
    If you don't have the money yet, do not take any stupid step.
    You will lose your money and get nothing

    I suggest you to wait a little and go for 4650 HD
  2. 9400gt is a wreck...I would suggest you to go for Hd 4650...Its much better than 9400gt
  3. Thanks for the feedback.
    I still only have a budget of approx. £35 pounds.
    Any other suggestions for a good card for that price?
  4. Is XFX a good brand name? What do you think iof these?
    XFX ATI Radeon 4650 HD 650Mhz 1GB PCI-Express DVI (XXX) ???? £41
    XFX ATI Radeon 4650 HD 650Mhz 512MB PCI-E DVI (XXX) ???? £35
  5. If you can find 4650 for that money
    It's just AWESOME

    XFX don't give anything with their card except LIFETIME WARRANTY

    Don't worry about it.

    Go for 4650
  6. As a small jump from the 4650, the nvidia gt 220 may be available with some searching, that may fit the bill nicely.
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