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hooked up a external storage device .. everything was fine drive e dvd rw designation. rebooted with storage deviced hooked up . and reloaded some xp items .. then it switch desigations with my built in drive . so now the built in comes up as the dvd rw drive . even when i delete the software and remove the drive whenever it sees the built in drive it shows up as the external automatically ..

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  1. Not sure are you hooking up the drive with USB or eSATA? Please elaborate.
  2. the external drive is hooked up via usb
  3. Can you boot into the BIOS menu and tell me what it thinks the hard drive is?
  4. well i was told to use del to boot to the bios but cant seem to have anything come up when i do that .. but i get to the utillity and it has unknow for primary 0 and 1 and cd rom for secondary 0
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    You don't need to use a utility, just press F2 when the Dell logo shows up and it should enter setup, then rotate over to the drives section. If your PC is a Dell they usually have a free 3.5 inch bay were you can install a second hard drive. The unknown is a problem can you go over to maintenance section and tell it to reset to factory settings?
  6. ok ill give it a shot.. i was having problems with the computer that is why i bought a external to get the files off before i tried to reload xp or reformat .. .. wanted to get the few important files i have on it off of it .. the rewrite that is in the machine never would write .. lucky to get it to get info off a disc ..
    thanks i ll try to go to defaults
    hey how do i use the ethernet to usb cable to get the info off if i cant fix the drive issue ?
  7. I would say plug it in, otherwise I would hope your Dell is a model that came after Dimension because those come with a backup sytem restore partition.
  8. great thanks for your help ..
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