First time custom WC loop

Here is the set I am going for. Anything I should swap, or suggestions for better pieces?
I was going for a 5.25 xspc bayres/pump combo first but heard this could be better.

XSPC RayStorm CPU Intel 775/1366
Watercool HEATKILLER® GPU-X³ GTX 680 "Hole Edition"
Watercool HEATKILLER® GPU Backplate GTX 680
Alphacool NexXxoS UT60 Full Copper 360mm
Tygon R3603 tubing 15,9/11,1mm clear (7/16'ID) (3 meters)
16/10mm compression fitting G1/4 - knurled – silver nickel x4
16/10mm compression fitting 90° revolvable G1/4 - compact – silver nickel (These for res/rad) x4
EK Water Blocks EK-Multioption RES X2 - 250 Basic (Do i need the anti-cyclone for this one?)
Alphacool VPP655 - single edition
Alphacool HF D5 TOP - Plexi G1/4 - (VPP655/TPP644/MCP655)

Sharkoon cold light cathodes twin UV - 30cm
Mayhems Pre-Mix X1 UV-blue 1000ml

As for the fans go, im all ears for suggestions too. I think the Noctua NF-P12 are a bit on the loud side compared to other but there is so many to choose from :F

Thank you in advance!
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  1. I think you're doing fine in terms of your choices and loop components. The only suggestion I'd make is that Mayhem's tends to reccomend using Masterkleer tubing. I used tygon 3603 with their Pastel coolant (not for very long about a month) and there was no issues, but just what they reccomended is all. You could also go for the plasticizer free tygon (2705 or something).

    As for the fans, I just got cougar vortex 120 and 140mm and they're pretty good, but your other big options are the Scythe GTs, bgears, noiseblockers (including the new e-loops which look really nice), and noctuas. They're all gonna do well in the end.
  2. Thank you for the feedback.
    The reason I didn't go with the masterkleer is that people have reported some graying/ clouding of the tubes, I'm not sure how recent that is tho, and if mayhem recommends those, then I'll swap them.
    I was pondering between 1450rpm gentle typhoon and the 1200rpm cougar vortex, but I'm sure they are both great choices.
  3. Do not get premix!

    Use distilled water, colored tubing, AND a silver kill coil!

    Have you considered the Noctua NF-F12's?
  4. I was instructed by a salesrep from overclockers to go with that premix instead of distilled water. What are the cons of using a premix vs distilled water + coil? Do I have to add some additional bacteria killing solution and how often does the silvercoil/solution needs to be replaced.
    I would prefer premix since it looks better in clear tubes than a tube with coloring.

    I have considered those too, havent heard them irl but if I recall correctly the F12's are 4pin PWM controlled fans. I will be adding a fan control panel to my 5.25 slot in the future and most of them fit only fans with 3pin.
    Thats why I have been initially been looking for 3pin fans mainly.
    My mobo doesnt have 3x 4pin slots, I think there is only 2
  5. Did you read the watercooling sticky up top?

    Premixes can gunk up your waterblocks! Distilled water and a kill coil will outperform them too.
  6. Yes I did and I have done some research.
    Dont know how old the info is about bad premixes I have read and part reason for the glogging has been in some cases the material that had been used on the waterblocks.
    OTOH I havent read one single bad thing about mayhems no matter where I have looked. Seems to be pretty excellent stuff, distilled water + biocides and some spacetech stuff.
    It seems that their uv clear blue mix doesnt stain or clog even when left for over 9 months to the system

    There is so much contradictory info about this distilled water vs premix that its hard to find a conclusion.
    Some ppl say premixes are good some say they are rubbish

    I guess I have to do some more research. I am doing this watercooling mostly for the looks and if I lose degree or two with premix I don't mind if it looks better
  7. Some premixes do gunk up your system, amuffin is right. Mayhem's like you've read from what people have said so far using it does not gunk up your system. It's honestly the only brand of premix I'd reccomend/use. You might lose a degree in cooling difference, but some reviews have put it at about the same vs. water.

    You might want to consider the pastels though, they look much prettier.

    If you're going to be using a fan controller, it doesn't matter if the fans are 3 pin or 4 pin because in the end they'll be voltage controlled by the controller. I'm using 4 pin vortex 120mm in my fan controller and I can control them with no problems.

    If I were in your position I'd go for whatever you can get cheaper in terms of fans from what I said earlier (it's why I went with cougars :P)
  8. The reason why I would prefer 3pin is that most of the man controllers I have spotted online, only has room for 3pin fans. So in order to get a 4pin fan to 3pin controller would be to buy a converter
  9. Quote:
    I was instructed by a salesrep from overclockers to go with that premix instead of distilled water.

    Of course he instructed you's his job to try to sell you stuff. :)
  10. I just havent heard anything negative about the X1 premixes, if someone has please share that info
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