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what motherboard that support in Phenom II x4 965
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  1. asus hair motherboard
  2. Any AM3 mobo will support a Phenom ii
  3. There are lots of different MoBo's that support the 965 ( AM2, AM2+, AM3 ). If you have a specific brand/board in mind go to the manufacture's web site and check the CPU compatibility list.
  4. Right^
    Phenom II X4 965 is an AM3 CPU which will work with in an AM3 motherboard, also AM3 is backward compatible with some AM2/AM2+ motherboards(which may require a BIOS update)
  5. Thx Maziar,
    Realized I forgot to mention the BIOS update part, when I woke-up his morning.

    Also some older Mobo may not POST before this update and will require an older Generation CPU be installed even to initiate the BIOS update.
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