4890 and PSU issues

i recently bought an XFX HD4890 and soon after installing it, i realised that my PSU was not big enough.

i have an option of 3 psu's.

Gigabyte Odin- 585watt
Vantec ion2-520watt
Huntkey APFC 700- 700watt

they all the same price and could anyone please recommend which is best
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  1. I believe any of those PSUs will probably be fine. I am not sure about the HuntKey brand, I don't think they carry it much here in the US. However, according to the site specs it is by far the better "on paper" PSU.

  2. All of those PSU's will run 4890 absolutely fine with no problems whatsoever.
  3. cool cool thanx.. i am also unsure about the Huntey brand so i'll probly go ahead and buy the Gigabyte Odin
  4. ^ Make sure you have a Molex to 6pin PCI-E adapter. I believe the Odin only have 1 6pin.
  5. yess, it only has 1 6-pin cable but its cool because i got two already
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