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Crysis Bsod

Hey guys,

I get a blue screen of death in crysis on the last level every time i play it in dx 10... I play the whole game mostly without a hitch, but this one part just freaks out the system... I get about 7 minutes through the level, until the part where you walk outside for the secone time and the audio lags and repeats one sound over and over (fast enough to qualify as a buzz rather than a sound) and then the pc Bsod's. It tells me bad pool error and system exception... when I play in dx 9 it runs the whole level (less eyecandy) very well, and i've never had any problems with any other games. I've read about people getting this problem, but never with a bsod, i've just heard about application crashes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

System specs...

Hp 8200n pc with some new parts
500w psu
hd5770 gpu
(Standard) amd athlon 6000 at 3.0ghz
4gigs ram at 667mhz
standard disc drive
(standard)500gig hdd
running win 7 64 bit
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    welcome to PC gaming...the new 1.03 makes my dragon age crash left and right where before it ran stable in patch 1.02...Fallout 3 crashed left and right upon release...
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