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One of my friend think his 285gtx is faulty cause it crashes sometimes. We decided to tried it on my PC but the way my hd rack was set the card couldn't fit properly (I've a 900 case). So we moved the rack to make place for the card. After everything was installed I boot the pc. All I could see was a black screen with no beep, then the pc rebooted itself after 5 seconds and stayed black forever. So we thought the card was faulty. I reinstalled my old card (8800GT) and the PC did the same thing.. So we tried to try another PSU; same thing. We tried with no DVD, no HD and no graphic card. SAME THING. The hell is going on?

So the pc boot: black screen, no beep, all fans are working. PC reboot itself after 5 seconds then it stay black with nothing going on forever.

Please help!


640gb WD
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  1. Can you clear the CMOS? It would reset everything to the factory setting if the 285 did something to your mobo.
  2. I don't have access to the Bios and right now I'm trying to find a way to reset the cmos on my motherboard there is no jumper around the battery, hmm...
  3. Remove the tiny cell battery, after 5 seconds or so place it back, it's that battery that powers the volatile memory that keeps te CMOS data and the system clock.
  4. it worked! Thanks! Do you guys have an explanation?
  5. Not really, as drivers can't come into play as the mobo is just posting. The graphics card might have interfered with a mobo setting. Some graphics cards require you disable the SERR message system before you boot with the graphics card, but I still son't know what that's supposed to do. I'm glad it worked however.
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