Help, just built pc windows keeps cycling

Hey I posted this in the cpu section I think this is a better place for it though.

Ok so a few weeks ago something melted on my motherboard and video card. I sent both back to MSI and recieved them today, both are brand new. While I had down time I also bought a new psu and heatsink/fan for my cpu. Both turn on and are working. Now when I turn on the computer I get the post screen then it goes to start loading windows then restarts right away. I figured I needed to reinstall windows so I got my windows 7 cd out. Right when the windows files get loaded, it restarts....Im stuck in a cycle Im not sure what is wrong. Please help
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  1. You may want to try reseating the CPU and HSF. It could be overheating. I assume the new HSF had thermal paste on it, or you applied some?
  2. yeah it had some paste already on it, Ill try reseating it right now. Anyone else have any other suggestions? I tried all my memory sticks one at a time its not that either
  3. Ok I called MSI they said its my memory and I probably have to adjust the voltage and timing. I know how to change the setting in the bios but how do I know what to change them to?
  4. They should be set as close to the RAM manufacturer's specs as possible. Though, if it restarts that quick, you probably won't get a chance to set them in the BIOS.

    Do you have any other memory that you can try to at least boot with, and set the timings/voltage?

    What is the motherboard model? RAM?
  5. I can get in the bios fine everytime, just when it gets ready to load windows it restarts. MB: MSI P6N Platinum sli Ram: Corsair CM2x1024 6400C4 I have 4 sticks of this I dont have any other memory
  6. For that ram 4-4-4-12 @ 2.1volts.
  7. Still nothing I really dont know what is wrong, I think i got a bad MB
  8. Unplug everything except for PSU, CPU/HSF, 1 RAM chip, video card, hard drive, and power switch.

    Do you see a quick BSOD before it restarts?

    Make sure to enable AHCI in the BIOS if you have a SATA hard drive.
  9. Can you explain what BSOD means? Ill check that out in the bios
  10. BSOD = blue screen of death.....The data it references can vary greatly, but it'll look similar to this. Sometimes they can be very quick, and you may only see a split second blue screen.
  11. no BSOD, just post screen then goes to a blinking line like its about to load windows then it restarts
  12. Any change after unplugging the extra components and BIOS change?
  13. well some new info, while my motherboard was being shipped i decided to upgrade my psu as well. I got a corsair tx850 my old one was is a antec ew 500, just being curious i hooked up my old 500 and now it seems like it wants to work but i think i messed up my windows install messing with the ide/raid configs in bios because i couldnt find AHCI anywhere in there. So im not sure if my new psu is bad? Anyway I have a 500gb sata hd, but i think my settings are incorrect for windows to install on it.
  14. After POST, immediately and repeatedly press the F8 key. You can stop pressing the key when you hear beeps everytime you press the F8 key, or when you see the avanced boot menu.

    Once you get to the advanced boot menu, you should see several options. You want to highlight "Restart On Boot Failure" or something like that. Press enter when it is highlighted and it should stop the restart cycle.

    However, after doing so the computer will restart, but just once. If the boot fails again, the computer will stop on the BSOD. Read through the message on the screen. Generally, the BSOD tells you what is causing the failure.
  15. What are the options you have for the onboard controller?
  16. I think you can just enable/disable that part. The On-chip ata devices another menu comes up. give me a few min ill post what that says i need to power it up
  17. Ok the menu for On-chip ata devices this is what it looks like

    On-Chip IDE controller disable/enable
    PCI IDE Busmaster disable/enable
    On-chip sata controller disable/enable
    Raid Mode raid/ide

    when Raid is selected for raid mode a menu drops looks like this

    sata 1 enable/disable
    sata 2 enable/disable
    sata 3 enable/disable
    sata 4 enable/disable

    once you enable one of the sata ports and leave the bios right after the post screen it says hit f10 to enter the raid utility.
  18. That's the right screen. You want to enable the on-chip SATA controller. You don't want RAID enabled if you aren't going to set up a RAID array.
  19. Ok well Im not sure why its gets a little further with my old psu but after it loads the window files it says starting windows then resets.
  20. Tap f8 on startup. Try using the windows repair tools to repair your install.
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