Why my drives are not supported when i overclocked my e2180 to 2 93 ghz

:hello: Guys please help me. I m using MB- asus p5gc-mx/1333, processor- intel e2180, ram- 2gb 333 mhz. My problem is that, right now i m running my cpu at a speed of 2.40 ghz by overclocking, when i raised the fsb to 2.93 my drives are not being detected :o . Then when i cum back to 2.40 it works fine again :sweat: . So, anybody please solve my problem :bounce: . Thank Q
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  1. EEW that board sucks even for a Netburst Celeron and that is where your problems are. If you can't upgrade the board then you have no choice but to mod for better cooling. I
  2. See if there's an option to over clock without increasing ur pci e or south bridge speed
  3. my cooler work fine. while i overclocked it it temp goes to 56. and thats normal!! isint`it
  4. please sum 1 help me !!!!!!!!!! i want to overclock it
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