Upgrade current system or new build?

Hello everyone! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the forums! This is my first post. I have been reading and learning a lot here. Thank you! I have a question whether or not to upgrade or build new. here goes.



SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, recording TV, editing video, listen to music, watching movies, ...

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS


PARTS PREFERENCES: EVGA , ASUS, Superclocked, extreme editions, (not CPU though)



ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Would like to find a really good combo of mobo/cpu/ram/heatsink for superfast gaming. I would also like to try out overclocking the pc.

This is the system I bought in March 2006. At the time it was really fast!

I am using Windows XP Pro 32 bit .....

Things I have upgraded already from the original build,

Ultra Connect X 550 watt modular PS

(500 watt died)

(2) EVGA 8800GT 512 in SLI now

replaced the 36 gig raptor drive with a 150 gig Raptor (OS and prgrams only)
replaced the 74 gig raptor with a 500 gig seagate (just games)
(have another use for that raptor in other pc)

added 1 terabyte seagate drive. (storage)

added HVR-1600 TV tuner by Hauppauge

Creative 5200 5.1 speaker system

Microsoft KB/mouse

I will be using my current monitor

I was thinking of upgrading the mob/cpu/ram and keeping eveything else. I am not sure if this is wise now because I am so far behind in CPU. Might be better just to build new and give this system to my son. It's just that I have a collection if PC's already and really don't want another. I guess I could give the OPC PC to my son and donate one of the other ones to a school or something.
Also, If I go new build I would like to future proof it, so I would go with x58 and core I-7 920 i am thinking?
I just couldn't decide on a motherboard.

Any thoughts on this would be great! Thank you so much! :)
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    1) With a $3,000 budget, you can build a new system that will kill your old and not use any old components. Look at my Enthusiast Extreme build in my Recommended Builds link in my sig. If you include the OS & Monitor, you will still be under $3,000.

    2) If the budget is mis-stated & you just want a new CPU/MOBO/RAM combo, the i7 930 (will be released by late Feb) setup would be your best option with keeping the two 8800GT's. Another option (not as "future proof") would be to build using the i5 750. AM3 does not provide a good solution for SLI, as Nvidia chipsets are not highly recommended. The new Intel chips have the ability to Crossfire or SLI.

    It is funny in the computer world how just four years ago you spent $2,000 on a build that can't match a $800 dollar build from today. This is why computers can be an expensive hoobie when you try to stay up with the times... Just ask my wife :)
  2. Thank you for all that information! Your page with the "Recommended Builds by Usage" is excellent!

    My rig probably wouldn't even stand up to the bargain build :)
    I got a 9960 3DMark06 score last night.

    I think I am going to try to build something like your Enthusiast - Extreme. But now I should probably wait until the Gulftown core comes out in Feb. to build it.

    Let me ask you this please. If I were to just do a mb/cpu/ram/heatsink upgrade to my existing PC today, your Core i-5 750 build would be the best thing to pair my 8800gt's with?

    I think I may do this now. And then give that PC to my son. Then build the new rig the 1st of March. With the 3000 budget I should be able to do both?

    Thanks again!
  3. $3000 is a very large amount. Just don't fall into the trap of being able to pay for this now but being stuck with it for 5 or more years. If this is the scenario then it would be really fast now but it would be much better to go with a $600-800 build every 2 years.

    I suppose you could do that, but if you're really gonna do something now, I'd say to do a AM3 build for the now, that would be much cheaper and better than what you have, and go with the more expensive intel when that comes out.
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  5. Thank you both for your information! Thanks techmo34 for the feedback about the hardware. The i-930 has arrived and I think I am going for it.
    *False_Dmitry, I want to thank you for the excellent point you make about being stuck with the system for 5 years. You made me reconsider and do a heck of a lot more research. Thanks again.
    (sorry for the long delay in responding)
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