DX11 Stalker Results with ATi HD5850

:hello: I decided to download the Stalker Benchmark to see how my PC would handle a DX11 game, thought I'd share the results with you guys.

The Rig.

Gigabyte GA EX58-UD5
Ci7 920 4ghz HT on Turbo Off
3x1GB OCZ Triple Channel 1200mhz 6-6-6-16 1T
Gigabyte ATi Radeon HD5850 @ Stock
Coolermaster Real-Power M700
Coolermaster HAF-932
Samsung spinpoint F3 500GB

The Results

DX10 Ultra settings No MSAA.

DX11 Medium settings No tesselation OR MSAA

DX11 Ultra settings No Tesselation OR MSAA

DX11 Ultra Tesselation enabled No MSAA

Adding Tesselation generally improved minimum FPS, But decreased Average FPS. :pt1cable:

Going from DX10 to DX11 generally improved performance. :wahoo:
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  1. Looks nice, except for the SunShafts benchmark on DX10Ultra.

    Could you snag some screenshots from the benchmark itself?
  2. Yeah dunno why sunshafts DX10 Ultra was so much fail.

    I'll get some screenie's for you, TBH I didn't notice much difference from DX10 to DX11, but thats just me. Although performance improved slightly.
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