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I'm thinking about a dual monitor setup, but I was wondering would there be any complications or annoyances if I pick two monitors that have the same resolution but different sizes? Also, how about if I use two monitors of the same size/resolution but from different companies?

I can't decide my monitor setup. I want two 23in monitors, but wondering if I should go w/ a 26in and 21in monitor (so that I can watch movies and play video games w/ the extra size from my bed). anyways, just wondering if you guys had any advice, suggestions or comments. thanks
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  1. I'd just go with two 23' monitors. There's no complications there, and it'd work out better.
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    It depends on what you are doing with them. If you want to create one large desktop side by side and have a smooth visual transition from one display to the next, I would get the same res and same size. However, if you just want something to the side for extra stuff, it doesn't matter. I am assuming you are not gaming on both at the same time, because if so you will NEED them to be the same res.

    The brands do not have to be the same, odds are their LCD panels game from the same place. I think 3 companies actually make LCD panels. I personally have a 22" and a little 15" in portrait mode as a spare and overflow that is usually off and disabled. However, when I need more room I turn it on and enable it. It has a different res so it is setup as an extended desktop, which means it has it's own resolution and runs as an independant monitor. If it were in the same group as an expanded desktop, the display would HAVE to be the same resolution and it would act as one single large desktop.
  3. you shouldn't run into any problems, I'm currently running a 22" samsung for gaming and 24" LG for movies. I prefer the 22" for games myself so that is why i went that route.
  4. The only annoyance with monitors of different sizes / resolution is the mouse does not line up when moving from one screen to the next.

    There should be no issues when mixing brands.
  5. thanks for the info guys,
    jay2tall: no im not doing dual gaming, and i'll goin to look for different size monitors w/ same resolution
    zolz: i like ur setup but I going to try to get as close to 27 in possible for my movies screen.
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