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Hi guys,

Currently im running 2 x 1Gb Patriot extreme DDR2 800 memory using an ASUS M4A78 Mobo which supports up to DDR2 1200 according to the website.

I want to upgrade to 4Gb and was probably going to get 2 x 2Gb of Patriot extreme DDR2 1066 memory however i dont really want to invest £70 in 'old' technology. So my question to the forum; Is there anyway i can use DDR3 memory in this mobo using a software patch or something to do with backwards compatability?? Im sure the answer is no but i thought id check with the professionals :D
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  1. No, the RAM sticks are physically different and will not allow you to install DDR3 RAM on a motherboard that requires DDR2.

    I suggest you scour auction sites like eBay for some used DDR2 RAM. A lot of people are upgrading to DDR3 and so there is a glut of used DDR2 RAM for sale at prices much better than retail.
  2. No. DDr3 uses different voltage settings, and is notched differently so you can't interchange the two. I suggest you sell your board and ram on craigslist if you have one in your community.
  3. thanks for your advice guys :)

    My next question then......As iv said above i currently have 2 x 1Gb modules of DDR2 800 RAM. I have two choices;

    1/ buy 2 more 1Gb modules of DDR2 800 Ram so that i have a total of 4 x 1Gb modules


    2/ sell my RAM and buy 2 x 2Gb modules of DDR2 1066 RAM

    which would be the best option bearing in mind i will be running windows 7 once i upgrade :)
  4. Seeing that you have an AMD board, we need to know if you have a CPU that has a memory controller capable of DDR2-1066 speed. The older Athlon AM2 CPU's will only go up to DDR2-800 speed.

    What's your CPU?
  5. lol sorry..... i have an X3 720 BE :D

    is it better or worse to have 4x1Gb modules or 2x2Gb modules for performance or does it not matter much!?
  6. Not much. Whatever is more cost effective. Many boards don't default to 1066 speed; some are easier than others to get them running at the higher speed.
  7. Phenom II's can run DDR2-1066 so you're good there.

    4x1 vs 2x2 will not affect performance... the only difference is sometimes you need to bump up the RAM voltage a little to run 4 sticks and it can be easier to get a stable overclock with only 2 sticks.

    Maybe you should see if your current DDR2-800 RAM will run at 1066 speed. Bump up the voltage and see how far you can push it. If it runs at 1066, maybe you could just buy a 2x1GB DDR2-1066 kit for 4GB total.
  8. Iv not tried to overclock my Ram to be honest but the reason i chose it was because it was so good in that area, check out this link :),review-2090-8.html

    So i reckon ill keep the Ram and buy some more of the same/similar if im over clocking, i might as well overclock both sets of sticks!??
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