I7 920 DO

So this is my first build my specs are:

i7 920 oc`d to 4Ghz
Asus Rampage 2 Extreme
Thermalright ultra 120 extreme 1366
6 GBs OCZ DDR3 PC3-12800 / 1600 MHz /Gold Edition / Triple Channel ram
Gigabyte GTX 560 SOC
OCz 900 watt psu

cpu runs at 40c-47c at idle. Highest I have seen in a 100% load stress test is 78c
system runs at 32c degrees
vid card at 34c
north and south bridge read 52c seems high to me?

vcore is at 1.24

I would like to get my idle temp down more, unless this temp is fine.

while gaming playing cs:go it runs around 55c ....
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  1. You didn't mention what case you had and what it has for air flow. If you don't have a fan in the side panel , that would be a good place to add one since it would blow directly onto the motherboard and most likely lower the temp of the North and South bridge. Plus it could drop the cpu a couple of degrees.
  2. Your temps are fine. For NB/SB make sure you've got decent airflow on the mobo like inzone mentioned (make sure to keep the dust out of the heatsinks too). Congratulations on getting to 4ghz at only 1.24v, the D0s often need ~1.3v to hit 4ghz.

    Your 920 is a 130w proc and it is normal that it runs hotter than a Sandy/Ivy Bridge chip. Considering you've got a 1.33ghz overclock going, 78c is pretty good. Remember that typical use like gaming won't run all four cores at 100% constantly so temps won't be that high during normal use.
  3. That's just fine. I have a i7-920 C0/1 that I can only overclock to 3.2 before things start getting unstable and it idles at 46C.
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