6gb sata drive very slow

Hello, I have an ASUS P6X58D Premium mobo and i have a Seagate barracuda XT 2T 6.0gb/s Hard drive. I think i have my mobo configured correctly but i still cannot get the transfer speed anywhere near 6GB/s Please help...
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Do u have connected the HD with a SATA 6GB/s cable?
  2. Hi Saint19, yes i have. at least on the cables it says 6gbs. My P6X58D Mobo has the Marvel connectors for the 6GBS and i connect to that too? still not as fast as my old black HD WD Black Caviar?
  3. I read the manual and the configuration seems fine for me, Can u contact with the ASUS support? I think that they can give u some advices about ur problem.
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    Here is an interesting article that discusses some problems with the SATA 6GB implementations that might provide some info For example it says :

    Previous SATA 6G implementations used the Marvell 9123 chip that interfaced with the P55 chipset through a single PCIe 1.0 x1 lane - a connection that only had a 250 MB/s data rate. That data rate is already lower than the 300 MB/s rated specs on SATA-II and is obviously much less than the 600 MB/s rated on the SATA 6G standard.
  5. Thanks JDFan, this article is very useful!
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  7. even still with the Sata 6gbps limited to 250MB/s, the hard drive itself will top out in the 100's anyways since it is a mechanical HDD, meaing even if you get a board that properly implements Sata 6gbps you would never see it from that drive
  8. I have that exact board and hard drive as well. While my initial installation appeared to be successful, (I used the 2TB drive as a secondary to a SSD 120GB drive), I began having issues with a VERY SLOW Windows 7 Professional system. For example, I right-clicked on MyComputer and selected Properties... a full 3 minutes later a screen popped up.

    Originally, I performed a quick format for NTFS. I successfully used the drive to backup a system image (20GB) in an incredibly short period of time. I was very happy with its performance. I then installed Kaspersky on the SSD and Nero Express on the 2TB drive in its own Program Files (X86) folder (marked as the E: drive)... C: is the SSD and D: is the DVD/CD burner. I then rebooted the PC and then the issues began. I eventually powered off the system after waiting a couple of minutes trying to bring up Task Manager to see if there was anything going on there.

    When I would start up in Safe Mode and although the system would pause during startup on a PNP driver, it would come up and was again very responsive. I uninstalled Nero Express from the 2TB drive while in Safe Mode and rebooted the system. Still an unbearable slowness in the system response.

    Finally, I again powered off the system and tried unplugging the 2TB drive. Eureka! The system was once more humming along beautifully albeit without any means of saving large files.

    It seems like it could be a configuration issue or some kind of software/hardware conflict... ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS???
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