H100 in antec eleven hundred...

anyone have corsair h100 in antec eleven hundred ??? i wonder where to mount it... either on the side panel where there vent and holes for it or diacgonally with the hard drive rail....
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  1. The H-100 is not a good cooler for that case because there is no realy good spot for it. The siden panel is not practicle since the cpu block will be attached to the cpu and there isn'e enough hose to be opening the side panel very much. The top would have been a good spot if there was a place for two fans instead of the one 200mm fan. That leaves the hard drive bay area and I don't know if you can fit it there and have the room for it.
    If you just bought this I would look into returning it for a H-80 or H-70 and those you can fit at the rear fan spot. The Antec Kuhler is another option for replacement since they are single fan size.
    If you want two fans on a radiator then the H-80 can support two fans , one on each side of it.
  2. well once im done with mostly everything i will be running two fan 120mm in the front to be exhaust and the radiator behind the hard drive rail with two 120mm being exhaust fan pulling heat out of the case and the two 120mm front will continue and pull it out of the case...

    if i decide to put it on the side panel of the case..with the radiator it will be intake for the radiator ....that the only two spot i can think of.
  3. once im done i dont really want to open the case much
  4. I agree that you don't want to open the case much but there will be time where you may have to and it will be really in the way but that will be your decision to make and you do have to find a spot for that radiator. The hard drive bay might not be a bad idea since the radiator is 27mm thick and the fans are 25mm thick that adds up to 52mm and is aprox 2" , so the only thing that you would have to wrry about is the video card.
  5. msi gtx 660ti here about 10 inches long
  6. You'll have to take some measurements to see if it will interfere with the radiator.
  7. Which way is exhaust again.. Intaket is when u put ur hand in front of the fan and u dont feel any air ... Tat side is intake right ??? ANd exhaust is when their air blow to ur hand right ? .. So if i want two 120mm fant to pull hot air out of my case ... Then how do i set up the fan with radiator then...
    Pull/radiator/pull or intake/radiator/intake for cold air from outside into the case...
  8. If I were setting up your case I would have the two front case fans blowing air into the case along with the side fans , then the rear fan and the top fan would be exaust fans blowing hot air out of the case. The fans on the radiator would be blowing in the direction of the air flow , towards the rear and top. Remember hot air rises so the rear fan is up near the top of the case and the top fan is at the top so it would be much easier to maintain a good air flow that way , plus you getting cooler air blown into the radiator from the front fans.
  9. that perfectly make sense... inzone when im done with my build and oc ..i will give u some credit man... learn alot .. so two 120mm front fan along with the radiator then another two 120mm blown air into the case and the top 200mm will be exhaust and the rear fan will be exhaust ...now that still leave me two more 120mm fan at the side panel..
  10. Those two will be intake like the front. So taht you end up with four 120mm blowing in and a 120 and a 200mm blowing out. If you get a fan controller then you can regulate the fans to have the same amount of air coming in as going out.
  11. The H100i fits up sweet in the eleven hundred. Slight mod by removing the lower pegs and cutting the corner bracket down slightly with a razor blade. Took me 30mins to install from scratch. Existing clips hold it well and there is no movement. Longer graphics cards may be an issue, but running an evga gtx680 there is plenty of room.
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