Heatsink OC 3570k to 4.5 ghz [[LOW NOISE]]??

Im looking for a cooler that is a top performer and Im talking about Noctua, Phanteks, Thermalight, Nzxt Havik something that will keep my temps in the 60s with a 4.5ghz overclock. But im a noise freak... if I can hear it that i'll hate it. As a reference the stock cooler at 100% fan doesnt bother me so as a reference if its close to that or even a tad louder i wont mind... anything louder and ill go insane. My budget is 60 bucks (max) anything less is nice. and i would rather not add anythign or subtract anything to the cooler so no extra fans or swapping out stock fans for quiet ones.. I want to buy it plop it in and forget it.

Thanks in advance... I have been researching so much and it seems like everyhwere i go has different benchmark results Sometimes the havik140 is loud sometimes cheap heatsinks outperform it... etc...


Mobo: Asus p8z77 v lk
CPU- i5 3570k
GPU- Msi PE 660ti
Case- CM storm trooper
ram- Corsair vengeance low and high profile (yes i mixed them) have the lower profile so it doesnt interfere with this purchase
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  1. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835209049

    This is $8 over your budget but it will give you the performance that you need for your overclock and the fan has an adjustable rpm so the bios will control it for any heat build up. Trying to cool a 4.5 ghz overclock is a tall job for an air cooler and usually when the overclock determines that an air cooler will no longer suffice then the next choice is a closed loop water cooler and there is no maintenence with this or training required , it installs just like an air cooler and takes minuits to do. At 4.5 ghz an air cooler will be running close to top speed to keep up with the heat dissapation. You can also have a fan on both sides for additional cooling power.
  2. Thanks but I do not want liquid cooling if it fails there is no heatsink or passive cooling to protect it like air coolers have. Plus i don't want to deal with pump girding and rad noise. Im sticking with air cooling
  3. I can understand your wanting to stay with air cooling as this was just a suggestion , I will say that you may have the wrong idea about the closed loop cooler. There is no pump noise or radiator noise and as with anything else if it fails you do have the thermal shutdown that protecs the cpu.
    The main reason I had suggested the cooler was because you were overclocking your cpu to 4.5 ghz which is the top end of air cooling so whatever air cooler that you bought would be running at top speed and creating more noise. If you could find near silent fans that push a good amount of air then it wouldn't be that bad to be running at top speed.


    This heatsink has a very quiet fan with a dba rating of 17-21 so that would be very quiet.
  4. Ohh, :) You think id fair better with that rather than the Havik 140 the Geild Tranquillo or the Xigmatec Aeigir ... I want to stick with my purchase at newegg, since i have a20.00 gift card there that expires in 3 monts . I have been looking at the v8 as well. but i cant find anything that compre its temp levels and cooling to good coolers for some reason they [newegg] seems to hate thermalright as none of there stuff is in stock. I really like the archon and themralright true spirit 140. Seems like any of the quiet coolers newegg doesnt carry :fou:
  5. It was just a suggestion and I was going by the low noise fan.
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