Corsair SSD

Ive bought 2 corsair 120 GB SSDs
this 1:
and this 1:
and i plan on buying more, so far i have had no problems with them but looking for other peoples input before i buy more.

i have the OS on them and picked these because its has a tremendous amount more read and wright speed of the lower costing ones. thanks
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  1. My thoughts,

    Search the forums here for corsair force 3, lots of post with peoples experiences with them.
  2. I had the Force SATA 2 drive. It worked fine for 7 months till it froze up. They replaced it with the SATA 3 which I have installed. I'm hoping for better luck with this one. The firmware is updated already. If this one dies in 7 months I will be switching to a Crucial or Intel drive and use the Corsair as a hockey puck. Time will tell.
    By the way the SATA 3's are on sale today at Newegg.
  3. I own both drives, in 60 Gb version. The Force GT is almost 2x faster than the Force 3.
    I'd recommend Sticking with some new Force GTs !
  4. Don't go anywhere near the Corsair Force 3 120GB SSD's im RMAing my second one now, each drive locks up, freezes and the performance degrades down to a point that is slower than a mechanical drive.
    I suggest you look at other brands like many other guys here have advised me to do like the Samsung, Crucial or Intel SSD's.
  5. echo that, crucial and samsung are much more reliable
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