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Hey folks,

Got an issue here that is more annoying than anything. Googled it but cant find an answer anywhere, anyway here goes.

So im running a 5970 and have 2 displays, the thing that bugs me is everytime i want to play a game or have sound on my primary monitor i have to switch to on board sound thru profiles ( i play with head sets so have to go through the audio jack on the PC case) and then when i want to watch films on my big 1080p TV i have to switch to ATi HDMI sound again through windows sound devices to get sound.

Is there a way i can get it so that it does this automatically? Iv tried disabling on board and just have it running through the HDMI audio but i get no sound on my primary monitor. Very annoying to have to keep switching between the 2. Anyway thanks for any help.

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  1. That depends on the program you're using to play the films. I know that WMP can default each time to a particular audio device, (i.e. HDMI rather than onboard audio). Actually I think Win 7 can do this too... not sure though. What version of windows are you using???
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