SSD page file issue (?)

Hi, I recently bought a Samsung 830 SSD and did optimizations including removing the page file; Took my RAM to the max and started erroring out on some programs. So I figured I would re-enable the page file, thinking it would solve the problem. While I wasn't getting any more script errors or programs closing due to being low/out of memory, weird things happen. My cursor was bugged out and just looked like a corrupted image of it (looked like it was a split in half cursor with few random pixels thrown in). Today my recycle bin icon disappeared around when I ran over my 8GB limit again (page file enabled). A restart always fixes these issues.

Any clue as to why this could be? Or is this normal for an SSD to act up when it's being used as a page file?
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  1. "Took my RAM to the max"? Does this mean you overclocked the memory? If so put it back to normal.
  2. No, I mean filled up my memory. All 8 gigs, or at least close to it. I had a set of 2x2 GB, now I have 2x4 GB. I've had the issue with both sets very noticeably only when reaching my limit on RAM. If I have the page file disabled it shows me that I'm running out of memory and should close programs. If the page file is enabled, it starts weird bugs such as listed above.
  3. Just curious, did you do a fresh install of Windows on the SSD or did you transfer from an old drive?
  4. lol, curious what you were doing that ate up all 8GB. My system only used 1.5GB in day-to-day use. And still under 3GB when gaming. Only time I use all my ram is when doing audio/video editing, at which point even 16GB isn't really enough.
  5. @tlmck
    Fresh install

    Minecraft server, Minecraft (both using 5GB total, server uses 1G minecraft using 4G max), Heroes of Newerth (consumes huge amounts of memory for w\e random reason, they never fixed it and probably never will), skype, chrome, and I think that's it from what I remember. It doesn't really matter how I use it all up, just, why is it acting up when I reach my RAM's full point?
  6. I do not know about the page file issue, but it sounds like you need a server with about 32gb ram.
  7. First, your new Samsung 830 SATA 3 6Gb/s solid state drive is not the problem. If you had downloaded the Samsung SSD Magician it would have optimized your ssd and Windows 7 automatically. No need to tweak anything.

    Second, the Microsoft Windows 7 Pagefile is a Windows function independent of your ssd. Here is a link to a very good article about making adjustments to the Microsoft Windows Pagefile and causing all sorts of problems:

    Third, did you make changes to Microsoft Windows System Restore, Backups, and/or Cache settings?
  8. @tmlck
    Nah, it only uses a gig or so at max. I don't "need" to be running any of this at all times. I'm just wondering why these things are happening when I did happen to run them at the same time and forgot to close out of one I wasn't using anyway

    Thanks for the detailed response.

    1. I see, I might give that a go. I followed these optimizations myself from the sticky on this forum:
    I usually go for the manual way of doing that sort of thing over a program that does it for me. I did pretty much all of these except the "this might have an impact, but might not" ones.

    2. Good article. Right now I have my page file on auto though, so shouldn't it be creating space as needed? Or should I set it to a manual 2GB? Either way I'm not sure how this would effect me with the weird bugs, but who knows.

    3. Yes, system restore is off, I believe backup is off, if not it's at whatever the default is.
    Disable Windows Write-Cache Buffer Flushing I did not do, that is left on.
    Disable ClearPageFileAtShutdown and LargeSystemCache I did do. These are both at their 0 values in my regedit.
  9. Update:
    Just ran into the cursor problem again. This time without running my RAM up. Looks like page file has nothing to do with it. The problem fixed itself over time as I was searching more into it. I couldn't printscrn it due to it hiding the cursor.

    I just ran all of the optimizations from the SSD magician, some very nice software; I usually hate doing things automatically as they don't typically work all the time but this was very convenient.

    Will report back if it happens again and how. Looks like page file isn't the culprit here for any reason. It is not the RAM as this problem was present with my other set of RAM as well. At this point I'm thinking something odd with GPU drivers, or Heroes of newerth. That is the only constant I can find so far.
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