Intellimouse explorer 4 0 problems when on internet


i have the intellimouse explorer 4.0 and have erratic behavior, it stops moving-can't get it to move then it moves on its own where i can't control it. i installed a new one with the same behavior and can't figure out where the problem might be.

i installed the latest 6.3 software for it so that is up to date.

i also am wondering if the kvm switch that its connected to could be having a problem or be the cause.

i also have checked in the device manager and all is fine there.

any advice would be great.

thank you,
southern belle
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  1. Not sure, I'm loking under the compatablity section of a wikipedia page, first time I heard of a KVM switch.
    Can't ne the mouse, the only reason it would fail is if the optical sinsor fails somehow and has to sync.
  2. hi,

    thank you for your reply!

    i did some more research and microsoft said that there are problems surrounding the kvm switch but the kvm switch i bought was specifically made to handle this mouse so thats why it was so confusing.

    i noticed the problem goes away when i turn on the other pc attached to kvm.

    thanks again and this topic can be closed now solution found.

    southern belle
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