Can you mix 533 memory and 1066?

What would be the result when I mix DDR2 533 (2gb) and 1066 (2gb)?
Would it not work at all? Or would it all run at 533 speed?
Point is I dont want to have to use $100 buying all new ram when I update my system.

Another question is, would a AM3 board that rates only DDR3 accept DDR2 ram. Related to question above.
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  1. No.

    Another question is, would a AM3 board that rates only DDR3 accept DDR2 ram. Related to question above.

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    Mix different speeds no problem, system will just run both at the lower speed,
    AM3 board for ddr3 will only take ddr3 but I found this whilst proposing a build for a client,

    if you read down the page for specs,
    The mobo supports both am2 and am3 cpu's (no news there),
    but it also allows ddr2 or ddr3 memory depending on which chip you have, so if your on am2, its ddr2, and I assume am3 will only run the ddr3
    but if one board has that capability, I'm sure there will be other instances of it as well,
    could you consider a new build with ddr3 and maybe keeping the old ddr2 rig for other usage?
    Folding/ seti research/ 'private' browsing :)
  3. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1- Yeah u can mixed but IMO is a big waste of money since the RAM only can run at the lowest speed that is 533MHz
    2- Some mobos support DDR2 and DDR3 but not at the same time and aren't from a good manufacturer (Jetway I think) but the mobo that u post in the link only support DDR3.
  4. The board I linked looks like an AsRock to me (the Sb looks same as mine:) )
    So not too bad quality imo
    I assumed/hoped the Op would read the specs as I advised but yes, to re-iterate your point, it supports either standard but only one or the other at once.

  5. Yeah looks like an ASRock but even I don't trust in a mobo that support both DDR2 and DDR3 more if it's socket AM2+ and not AM3

    My personal advice for the OP is save a little more money and get DDR3 with AM3 mobo or wait until the next year for Bulldozer and Bobcat.
  6. Thanks for the help everyone. I'll just bite the bullet and get some way better DDR3... anyone know a good vendor other then tiger direct or newegg?
  7. This G.Skill Ripjaws 1600 are very good for the price.
  8. Im in the uk so not up with american sites sorry, Glad we could get you pointed in the right direction though :)
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