FTP little help please

hello, i got interest in FTP servers recently and i want to make one so that it makes easier for me to transfer files.
i just wanna use my old old system, which i use for internet and some tv, movies.
HP Pavilion a645c + some upgrades
AMD athlon xp 3200+
512mb ddr x2
geforce 5200fx
Unknown brand mobo
Windows XP PRO

i know it is really old, but i dont care the processing speed, and transfering speed, as long as i can transfer files between pcs.
again, its not for storing (60GB), im using it like a usb drive(transfering)

using router, 3 PC connected. IP for pc im using for FTP is XXX.XXX.XXX.2
so, i tried installing IIS, creating FTP, but i cannot get into the directory from other computers.
when i put that ip under FTP://
it asks for id and password. but i cannot find anything that would work. i changed every password thing to one name (both username and ps) but its not letting me in
thanks for any helps

from other computer, i typed
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  1. Not to sure why that's not working, but any reason you cannot just use XP to share a folder? If you map that as a network drive in My Computer on the other two systems you won't have to hunt for it over the network every time you want to use it.

    Just seems like less of a headache =)
  2. oh cuz i want not only to transfer files between computers in my house but also to transfer files to my friends computers at their houses
  3. Do you allow anonymous login? If not, did you create a specific FTP account along with a directory that matches that name and configured FTP properly?
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