260 gtx in a 1x slot for phsyx

I was curious if a 260gtx would even be remotely useful in a 1x slot if used for just phyxs? I realize that bandwidth will suffer a ton but I mean is phsyx really that rough?

Thanks for the help
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    I am feeling too lazy to google it (though energetic enough to respond, hah), but I have read on numerous occassions that PhysX runs just fine on x1 slots, with only a very small performance difference from x16, which could be chalked up to normal variance (like 1-2%).
  2. Well I seem to be the only idiot willing to try it with a 260...most cards made for 1x are to slow for phsyx according to other forums :/

    The only issue is I have to chop my pci x1 slot to allow for my card....any ideas cause Im guessing a knife and patients will be okay but I obviously never have tried this before....
  3. ^^ ive allway wondered about cutting off that little tab on the pcie slots to make them open ended aswell.

    one thing to make sure is make sure the card fits on the motherboard, its possible you have some capaciters on the mobo with will block you from sticking the full x16 slot from the card.
  4. I "think" itll be okay I do have my sata connections a few small caps right there but they appear to be out of the way enough to fit. Yeah I am positive you can do it its just a matter of "is it worth it." I just got a 5850 so part of me feels bad for not having any purpose for my 260. Maybe its time to just let it go (sniffle)

    Are there any native 1x cards that you think could handle physxs? I know its a gimic but if its really cheap its still sorta cool.

    Also does anyone know about a ribbon connector that could do this? like a 1x to 16 x on a ribbon so I dont have to worry about space?

  5. There are not 1x cards.
    You won't be able to use PhysX with the 5850 plugged in, it's locked out of nVidia's driver.
  6. well he can use an old 186.something driver or use the ever popular hax drivers.
  7. Yeah I apologize if my question was misleading....

    This is very possible and I know it can be done, I simply would like to know would cutting my mobo slot be worth the trouble of getting phyxs and would the 260 be able to handle the physx processing on such low bandwidth?

    Also if anyone can think of a better solution (such as a x1 native card that would work or a ribbon adapter) please let me know

    Thanks all for the responses thus far :)
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