Is my rams bottlenecking my CPU OC?

Hi, I recently built a new rig with a amd cpu. I currently have it OC'ed to 4.2 ghz at 235 bus speed x18 multiplier at 1.325 volt. this seems to be the peak of my oc. but I've seen a lot of people being able to oc the 8120 pass 4.5+ easily. just wondering if I'm peaked at 4.2 because of my rams since the rams and cpu work together in oc'ing? I'm stress testing with y-cruncher with a 10gb mem load. and its crashing at any multiplier or speed higher then 4.2. below is the list of parts i have in my rig. any info would help. and i will post some screenshots of my bios and cpu-z when i get home from work.

MB: Asus crosshair V
cpu: amd fx 8120 on antec kuhler 620 (12c idle and 55c under load)
rams : corsair vengeance 1333mhz 16gb 4x4gb
psu : rosewill capstone 750w 80+ gold
gpu: 2x msi gtx 660ti pe edition

any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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  1. You should be going over 4.5 ghz easily and I don't think that the ram is getting in your way , it may be the settings that your using. When you get a chance read through this sticky that was at the top of the forum it might help.

    You can also try a google search on overclocking the 8120 to see if there is something that comes up that will help.
  2. I've found a few videos on youtube on oc'ing the 8120 processors and i also followed the steps on the guide you listed above, can't seem to find a stable oc above 4.2 i guess some pics of my settings on bios and cpu-z and what not would help wouldn't it.
  3. I don't have an AMD cpu and never have but that core voltage that you have looks really high to me , it may be normal IDK but it looks high. You should post what pic's you have and we'll take a look.
  4. sorry, correction. its 1.32 not 3.2 lol and i believe max voltage is 1.5 so I'm gonna try to mess with the core voltage again tonight to see what results i can get. at a stable temp. will post some pics and results.
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