Mechanical support for Hyper 212

I am about to assemble a system with a hyper212. This is the first time I have
used such a relatively large cooling unit.
I typically keep my systems around for 5+ years. I am concerned about the mechanical
stress on the mobo due the large cantilevered weight on the mounting. That coupled
with the vibration makes me concerned for long term stress fractures.

Does anyone have some low cost advice for supporting the cooling tower? I
was thinking a basic post with rubber isolation from the bottom of the
case to the tower. I am using a thermaltake v3 case.

Any suggestions or proof that 5 years of 4-5 hours per day use doesn't crack
the mobo would be greatly appreciated!
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    I have the hyper 212+ also, but the back-plate that comes with it seems to do a good job dispersing the stress on the motherboard.
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