Gigabyte 670 Overclocking

I got a Gigabyte 670 the other day that I have been testing for its max overclock and I am not sure if I should be happy with the results or not.

After all the boosts I am hitting 1172mhz on the core and it feels rather low for almost any results I have seen from other people.
I am able to get 3600mhz (7200mhz effective) for the memory and that feels like a nice solid overclock to me on the memory.

I am trying to figure out if it was would worth returning the card and rolling the dice on a 2nd one. How much of a difference would a more average overclock of about 1250mhz core make? Would I be better off keeping this one to know for sure that the memory gets a good overclock while getting a somewhat decent core clock?

Thanks for any help.
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  1. It's awful hard to return a working card that you were able to overclock , as you know there are many variations of gpu quality that you can get and you would be taking the chance of getting a gpu that doesn't overclock very well. The question is how much more fps would 78 mhz get you and is that worth trying to get. Your stock speed was what? What did you get for fps at that speed ? What are you getting for fps at 1172 mhz? These are the questions that you need answers for.
    There is one answer that you may or may not want to consider , add another 670. It's better than trying to overclock the hell out of one card. But that answer is not for everyone and it certianly is expensive , I just threw that out there. It's your decision to keep it or not.
  2. Really I am getting good FPS right now in anything I can throw at it. I don't even use the OC settings during normal gaming, I was just testing to see what my card could do. It crushes anything I can throw at it at my current resolution, although I might be getting a bigger monitor in the near future. I usually keeps graphics cards for a long time. After thinking about it since I posted the message I think that I'm going to be keeping it because like you said you never know what you could end up with and 1172 really isn't that bad or anything.

    If in the future sometime when I need to OC to keep the card up with the current games at that point I doubt being able to push it even another 100mhz is really going to keep it viable for that much longer.
  3. That is an option as the card gets older and your ready to start thinking about replaceing it you can overclock it to get some more time out of it knowing that at any time your going to be replacing it.
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