Serious error 9800gtx+, Please Help!!!

please help, my screen freeze and after reset the image is corrupted.
i was trying to install the driver, but the windows starting up only in safe mode.
i solve this problem before by playing with the hardware acceleration, but now it do nothing.
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  1. Ouch...
    Have u try your card on different machine?
    Did u connect the 6pin power connector?
    The last thing u want to try is re-install windows...
  2. if it starts in safe mode then its not hardware.
    It would appear to be a driver issue, or some kinda driver/registry conflict.
    Try doing a system restore.
    Does the PC work when you have it plugged into the motherboard and not the video card?
    try uninstalling any video driver you have, and install it again fresh
  3. i try it all, its not the windows\driver becouse even the bios is not readable.
    i'm looking for hardware accceleration software or some idea to reset the graphic card.
    in other computer it's the same result.
    i can start windows normaly when i disable the nvidia card in the device manager, after enabling it back, the windows starts with black screen with green dots, but the voice is working well like other things :O
    i solved this issue before by playing with the hadware acceleration, i believe it's something with the card hardware but can fix it by windows, i succeeded last time and now it failed :\
    pc technician told me that my gpu get stuck in some infine loop and it's a rare error.
    if anyone have a solution for my problem, i will be thankful. sorry for my english :)
  4. someone?
  5. have u try on different machine?
  6. sounds like you may have a dead card
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