My hp computer the a6300t has monitor problems HELP!

ok, i've owned this computer for about 3 years or so. I've never had this problem, but suddenly yesterday the screen went black while i was using it. It unplugged vga and i have tried 3 different wires and 1 different monitor. My friend says its the video card. But when i open up my pc i cant seem to find it. Please tell me what the problem is and where to locate the Video Card!
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  1. From what i could find you have an Integrated Intel(R) 950 graphics card. Unfortunately you cant just take it out as its built into the motherboard.

    One thing you can try is start up your computer and see if you can hear that windows tune when you boot up your computer. if you can hear that then it likely to be your video.

    I couldent realy find to much about the motherboard and what kind of slots/how many you have. (PCI, PCIE or AGP)
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