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I have this pc that has an out of date motherboard, so i am looking into building a pc but i would like to use the case i have, i just don't know if its compatible with the hardware i want. The problem is, it has no manufacturer info on it anywhere i don't know what kind of case it is. Its Somewhat bigger than most newer cases iv seen, it has usb and sound plugs on the bottom of the front behind a little door, and the Disk drives are also covered by a swinging door. The outside of the big swinging door on the front has a rather large Z symbol in a circle that sticks out and is silver and looks like it may light up. Any idea what kind of case it is? If you have questions on more info i could give about it to help just let me know.

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  1. Is the motherboard that currently in there a smaller motherboard or one that nearly reaches the bottom of the case?

    I'm certain that most cases these days will fit a ATX motherboard, But its always best to check.
  2. its got 7 slots on the back, the motherboard only takes up 3 slots with whats in it, but the motherboard has 6 psi slots, and 1 purple slot that has what i think is the video card in it. And here is the motherboard if this helps.

    PoX EP-8RDA3+ PRO 462(A) NVIDIA nForce2 Ultra 400 ATX AMD Motherboard
  3. Yeah, Just as long as you stay in the M-ATX/ATX part of motherboards when buying it will be absolutely be able to fit in your current case.
  4. Are M-ATX/ATX something i could make an up to date pc out of?
  5. And if so any recomendations on that type of motherboard?
  6. No they are the sizes of motherboards that can fit in your particular case.
    Intel Core i5 builds are fairly popular for budget up to date builds these days, But if your going to go with AMD go with an AM3/AM2+ socket motherboard with DDR3 compatibility.
  7. That case is a Raidmax Scorpio and is an ATX form factor.
  8. ok so i looked up the Raidmax Scorpio, that is definately my case, on some of the comments on it said "it is a mid tower so make sure everything will fit." Should i be concerned with the size of anything with it being a "Mid tower" lol and by the way what does that mean exactly? im guessing possibly the size of it is medium or something?
  9. Is AM3/AM2+ a certain type of motherboard, im searching tigerdirect, and newegg, and the only options i see are AM2+/AM3 on newegg, and tigerdirect only has options for Socket AM2/AM2+, and Socket AM3, do any of those fit that description?
  10. I would recommend one of the DIY upgrade kits from newegg such as this bugdet combo:

    this wouldnt include a new power supply, definitely needed.
  11. Those are socket types for the cpu.. in particular any thing AM2, AM2+, AM3 are all AMD cpu motherboards..

    In terms of your "Mid Tower" question, there are some motherboards that deviate from the mATX (micro ATX) and ATX form factor and are available in eATX or some other form.. also, some motherboard have different slots in different positions which may pose problems (some motherboards have a pci-express expansion on the most bottom slot making it impossible to install dual-slot graphics cards in the last position)
  12. So would this (Micro ATX) [...] mbo.311564 fit in my case? And does everyone else think this would be a good combo for me? I am going to be using the computer for 3d animations im starting classes in a week and need a computer that can run the animation programs, and i may possibly be doing some gaming but im not too picky about having the games run at full requirments.
  13. Yes a micro ATX form factor motherboard will fit in your case, You just have to re arrange the stand offs inside the case.
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