Need help on which memory to get?

I'm choosing on which ddr3 to get with my asus p6x58d. the mobo states support for 1.65v on ram.

1. G skill pi
- this ram specified at 1.5v

2. G. skill trident
- this is specified at 1.65v


1. What is the difference between the two other than timings and bandwidth?
2. which is newer? better?
3. what is the better for my mobo?
4. what is the difference between 1.5v ram and 1.65v ram?
5. can i use 1.5v ram with 1.65v supporting mobo?
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  1. I think #1 is better.

    a) CAS latency of 7
    b) same bandwidth of 1600 as #2
    c) lower operating voltage @ 1.5v (cooler)
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    +2 For the PI Series RAM.

    Tighter timings, lower voltage and $10 cheaper.
    Speeds over 1600Mhz are only useful if you go past 200Mhz FSB when overclocking.
    If you do decide to do that, you can easily overclock the PI series by dropping it to CL8.
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