Im stable in IBT, but i get an error in Prime95

My 3770k is OC'd to 4.4ghz and i ran the IBT test at MAX stress with 15 passes and it was successful. But when i run Prime95 blend it gives me an error about 20mins in. Why is that?
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  1. I could be wrong, but IBT specifically stresses the CPU, I think. A blend test is testing the RAM as well (hence blend). I would double check timings and what not. Also as noted in the sticky just because you're getting x-x-x-x RAM at y frequency doesn't mean it's going to hold that for 100% sure when overclocking.
  2. Do you think my voltage could be too low?
  3. On the memory? You should use stock volts and adjust off of that with the latencies to other common XMP profiles. (going upwards in number of course). Unless you feel like overclocking the memory (upping the voltage) which is more often too much of a pain for what it's worth.
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